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Welcome to Next Culture Organizations, your partner for organizational development of the next generation. We provide a spectrum of innovative, inspiring trainings, workshops and coachings, which go far beyond known leadership and management. The extraordinary soft skills and tools allow you to establish a completely new way of collaboration. We train so called Edgeworkers and accompany you on your way to a sustainable future.

The success of an organization mainly depends on the people. Factors such as inspiration, enthusiasm and responsibility and working for a common vision are crucial. However, the human factor often represents the biggest challenge, especially in times, in which the frame conditions and requirements for companies change faster and faster, old approaches, meeting formats and structures turn out to be too inert and not sustainable, the complexity of projects increases and the burnout rates keep rising continuously. It seems like a giant balancing act the organizations are recently trying to manage, which is however increasingly painful and not constructive. But how can a change of directions work?

The current circumstances require

  • an evolution of the management culture,
  • a development of the company culture,
  • clarity, presence and a sense of responsibility of the employees,
  • creative and sustainable collaboration of individuals and departments,
  • a new consciousness, away from hierarchical thinking towards network thinking,
  • new possibilities, which go beyond current knowledge.

The organizations leading in(to) the future are those, which do not only invent new technologies, but which are in a first place willing to throw old communication, thinking and behavior patterns overboard.

It starts with a new generation of true leaders, so called Edgeworkers. These are not classical managers, who take on a position in hierarchy as high as possible. Edgeworkers are people who are willing to take radical responsiblity and risk to shape organizations in a completely new way. They are bold pioneers who are courageous enough to enter unknown territory. Edgeworkers are people who see the necessity of a paradigm shift, away from pure value creation and profit towards appreciation of employees, constructive company principles and the Earth.

Are you ready for the management (r)evolution?

Best wishes,
Nicola Nagel & Patrizia Servidio

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