Our Edgeworker trainings are designed to train people to make the impossible possible. so they are able to vigorously accompany a change process in your company over a longer period of time and to completely redesign the organization. Edgeworkers are inspired pioneers who are ready to enter unfamiliar territory and take on a high degree of responsibility to enable a contextual and cultural change in the sense of a new way of working. This requires special skills, which we train in our Edgeworker trainings.

The core skills of an Edgeworkers go far beyond the previously known “Leadership”. Edgeworking empowers team partners who, in their own responsibility and with their full potential, put themselves at the service of the shared vision. As a result, all participants are strengthened, nourished, centered and can work together in a highly inspired way. A viable reorientation and restructuring of companies begins at the human level.

Edgeworker Basis Training

The Edgeworker Basic Training (Expand The Box) is the first step in the Edgeworker training program. Here we set the foundation for a sustainable transformation process towards radical responsibility for your own thinking, feeling and acting.


Goal of the training:

The goal of the Training is to strengthen responsible, creative leader qualities through authentic personal development and thus meet the forward-looking criteria.

The focus is on practicing innovative, sustainable soft skills, which create a high degree of clarity and responsibility and improve and expand ordinary behavior patterns.

In our trainings, your employees acquire non-linear, i. e. creative, dynamic skills to shift challenges into opportunities and create new ways to success. Through the extraordinary 3-day core training you learn e.g.:

  •  to collaborate creatively, constructively and efficiently,
  •  to communicate clearly in favor of relationships,
  •  to regard the learning from mistakes as intellectual property,
  •  to live a dynamic team culture, in which feedback is appreciated and taken to increase extraordinary performance,
  •  to convert obstacles, conflicts and diversity into opportunities, solutions and results,
  •  to use new, non-linear skills to create completely new possibilities for customers and teams,
  •  to motivate and be motivated,
  •  to take a high degree of responsibility.

Get in contact with us to talk about the details. You reach us via email post@nextculture-organizations.org or by phone +49 (0)89-384 63 36 5 (Office Munich) or +49 (0)8144-246 03 47 (Office Ammersee).

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