Module Workshops

Our module workshops offer you concrete, future-oriented options for current hot topics. Whether half-day inspirational workshops or one-day or multi-day intensive workshops, the choice is yours. We are happy to respond to your needs and coordinate the duration and intensity of the workshops with you. Below are a few sample topics, but we can easily design a workshop on the topics that are challenging in your company.

Developing authentic resilience

Resilience is considered the core competence of the future. However, when resilience means learning to “put away” as much as possible, it will not be sustainable. Authentic resilience is based on the ability to be centered and effective in stress-inducing situations. This requires a sustained and holistic training that includes not only the physical and intellectual levels, but also the emotional and energetic levels. This training teaches you the basics to be cetered in a relaxed way, no matter how big the chaos around you gets.

Establishing a new feedback & coaching culture

In a change process towards a new way of working, it is essential to make mistakes and to learn from them. Only then can a company go its own way of cultural change. Regular feedback and coaching among each other, which involves so-called Rapid Learning, is essential, so that the employees can develop their full potential and use it actively for the company. This training gives you a new way of looking at feedback and gives you the opportunity to establish a healthy feedback and coaching culture in your organization, creating a more open, more trusting relationship.

Communication & New Meeting Technologies

The intelligence of the group and the power of the team are resources that businesses desperately need. It’s time to revolutionize your meetings. In this training, you will learn new, unusual meeting technologies, all designed to use the group genius for the benefit of the shared vision. Whether for small, medium or large groups – there is the right interactive meeting technology for every question and group size. Boring and ineffective meetings are a thing of the past. Instead, inspiration, agility and creativity come to the fore.

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