The Approach

We work with companies and organizations who see the necessity of a paradigm shift and are willing to leave their comfort zones and take a completely new direction towards a new kind of working.

Individual unfolding of potential

Our trainings, workshops and coachings are mainly based on the manifold tools of Possibility Management, a spectrum of innovative soft skills, which allow liberating inherent resources and thus creating new, unusual possibilities for yourself and your surroundings. The tools included evolve continuously to that the participants are able to act sustainably in an ever changing environment. In addition we combine elemtns of other well-known teachings such as the transactional analysis of Dr. Eric Berne and others.

Co-cration on eye-level

During the training we work individually, in pairs, in small groups and as a whole group. The presentation of the training consists of 75% dynamic exercises and 25% theoretic context. Feedback and coaching through the trainer as well as the participants are essential parts of the training. The various personal experiences of the participants during the training represent a solid basis for discoveries and breakthroughs.

Sustainable effect in daily life

The contents of the training are delivered in a creative and dynamic way so that the participants can directly experience them and change ineffective behavior patterns by own drive. The changes are not based on learning a repeatable method, but on so called „mental maps“, i. e. the way we contemplate things in life. Through special exercises the new skills and distinctions are holistically and sustainably anchored in the participants and have an immediate effect in life.

Responsiblity from the beginning

In the trainings the participants go through a transformational process heading for radical responsibility with regard to your thinking, feeling and acting. The precondition for the participation in any training and coaching of Next Culture Organizations is therefore the voluntary and at the same time conscious decision of each individual. The responsibility already starts with the decision for the training participation.

The book on our approach

Edgeworker: Leadership was yesterday – It is time for the management (r)evolution!

(by Nicola Nagel und Patrizia Patz)

German Edition, 190 pages
incl. 40 graphics and images
Softcover, format: 23,9 x 16,5 cm
ISBN: 978-3-9814543-6-9
Publisher: Next Culture Press Verlag

Print Version: 25,– Euro
E-Book: 19,99 Euro
Available at all common distributors.

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