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New Rules Do Not Create a New Context

New Work: New Rules Do Not Create a New Context
When it comes to a new way of working, the misunderstanding can quickly come up that it is about new rules and regulations the employees have to stick to. However, the opposite is the case. Through new rules an inspiring co-creation on eye-level can actually be destroyed pretty quickly in an organization. Learn more about what is necessary instead.

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Culture Eats Structure for Breakfast

Within the scope of the New Work Movement there is a topic that keeps popping up and brings up a question: How is it possible, to change a long time established hierarchical structure in a company and pave the way for a new kind of working and collaboration?...

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Corporate Health Management 2.0

Resilience Training as an important success factor for companies Corporate health management is becoming more and more important in the light of increasing burnout and illness rates. More and more companies are offering stress reduction and health promotion programs...

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