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The topics New Work and Agile are on everyone’s lips. But how is it possible to actually accomplish a change in companies towards sustainable co-operation on eye level and with each one taking responsibility? In order to achieve effective new results, it is necessary to move to a new context in which well known behavior, well known perspectives, concepts and conditions no longer prevail. The context basically determines what is possible. It is therefore crucial, to change into a new context, in order to develop a new culture, at least as a starting point, to replace or make superfluous the usual cultural context within the company. We from the Next Culture Organizations team provide various types of training, workshops, coaching and, last but not least, our experience, so you can powerfully introduce New Work into your business and establish a new way of working. We look forward to accompanying you on new ways to work.

Edgeworker Trainings

New Work is based on completely different soft skills than leadership. Without the empowerment of so-called “Edgeworkers”, the evolution to a sustainable organization is difficult to carry out. Here you find the tools for New Work thinking and acting.

Modular Workshops

You want to get a taste of our approach to a particular topic? The team should be equipped to tackle a specific issue? Module workshops are short units that we adapt to your needs.

Organizational Development

As experts for New Work, we are happy to accompany you through the depths of your individual corporate evolution. We support you in developing a sustainable organizational structure while at the same time providing the necessary soft skills. There are no blueprints for the future! Organizational development means breaking new ground.

The Team

Who is behind Nextculture Organizations? Find it out.

The Approach

What exactly is so different? For more about the context of the trainings and our approach klick here.


You have questions? Then just get in contact to us. Here you find possibilities to do so.

New Work topics penned by us for your inspiration

New Rules Do Not Create a New Context

New Rules Do Not Create a New Context

New Work: New Rules Do Not Create a New Context
When it comes to a new way of working, the misunderstanding can quickly come up that it is about new rules and regulations the employees have to stick to. However, the opposite is the case. Through new rules an inspiring co-creation on eye-level can actually be destroyed pretty quickly in an organization. Learn more about what is necessary instead.

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Culture Eats Structure for Breakfast

Culture Eats Structure for Breakfast

Within the scope of the New Work Movement there is a topic that keeps popping up and brings up a question: How is it possible, to change a long time established hierarchical structure in a company and pave the way for a new kind of working and collaboration?...

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Corporate Health Management 2.0

Corporate Health Management 2.0

Resilience Training as an important success factor for companies Corporate health management is becoming more and more important in the light of increasing burnout and illness rates. More and more companies are offering stress reduction and health promotion programs...

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