Edgeworker: Beyond Leadership - It's Time For The Management (R)Evolution!

(by Nicola Nagel und Patrizia Patz (Servidio), German edition)

190 pages
incl. 40 graphics and images
Softcover, format: 23,9 x 16,5 cm
ISBN: 978-3-9814543-6-9
Publisher: Next Culture Press Verlag

Print Version: 25,– Euro
E-Book: 19,99 Euro
Available at all common distributors.

About the content

It can no longer be denied: A change of directions in companies is absolutely necessary. The classical, hierarchical and profit based corporate management turns out to be more and more a suicidal paradigm. But how can a shift of directions work?

It starts with a new generation of people – so called Edgeworkers – who take the risk of creating organizations in a completely new way and initiating a paradigm shift.

The book invites you to radical new thinking with regard to management. Giving various distinctions and examples, it describes the core skills of Edgeworkers, which go far beyond known „Leadership“. While classical management produces adaptive followers, Edgeworkingcreates empowered team partners who put themselves radically responsibly and with their full potential into the service of the common vision. Instead of “leading” in the old sense, Edgeworkers are spaceholders which make hierarchical structures obsolete. They hold space in a way that all participants co-create in an empowering, nourishing, centered and highly inspiring way. Sustainable redirection and restructuring of organizations start at the human level.

Are you ready for the management (r)evolution?

Edgeworkers Helping Edgeworkers

“Ever since the 700 years of Catholic Inquisitions, stepping out beyond norms and standards has involved more than courage. It has involved a commitment to a vision that is more convincing than the fear of possible consequences. Patrizia Servidio and Nicola Nagel have together made that commitment so that you can have this extraordinary book. They have taken the same step as Indiana Jones in the the film “The Last Crusade,” up and out into nothingness, to build bridges for the reader to cross into new kinds of business leadership effectiveness. That this book exists is so inspiring. It has been an honor to be with these two women / professional Trainers / authors during important stages in their personal development. They have successfully used the very tools they write about to put their heads, hearts and hands together to write this book. This is the first book ever to deliver the distinctions, explanations and processes of Possibility Management into the daily life of business leaders and managers where they belong. How else can business forms and standards evolve fast enough to keep pace with changing conditions except through leaders and managers taking radical responsibility for the results they are creating? Thank you for your vision, your commitment, and your courage to bring these opportunities into new territory. May this book give birth to new dimensions of profit for all who adopt these practices.”
Clinton Callahan

From ordinary to extraordinary

“This book provides clear hints on how leaders (people who “go ahead” in some way) can deal with new challenges in their businesses and communities.
Ordinary methods such as hierarchies, control and efficiency programs no longer deliver the results needed in a rapidly changing environment. Employees get sick in traditional leadership structures or suffer burnout.
It is obviously time to question the unconsciously accepted paradigms of this leadership and to try new approaches.
The two authors propose concrete tools to create a safe and productive environment based on communication, feedback and coaching as well as open dealing with feelings such as anger, fear, joy and sadness.”

Kai Garrels

Highly inspiring & to the point.

“An extraordinary book.

For people who are willing to break with beliefs and beliefs about leadership.
For visionaries who are deeply convinced that we need a new work culture in Germany and feel that it is possible.
For pioneers who take radical responsibility and do not wait for others to move forward.
For adventurers who venture into unfamiliar territory and feel that the change begins with themselves.
Described by the authors and written with great clarity & inspiration.
A book for Edgeworker. “

Katja Pischel

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