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Being edgeworkers and change agents, New Work is our constant concern. Our insights and experiences, our theses and questions, but also our doubts and disappointments get condensed now and then into an article that is to serve your inspiration. We hope you enjoy reading.

Do Companies Without Hierarchy Really Exist?

Clarity about a Mistakable Term in the New Work Movement The topic of New Work increasingly resounds throughout the land and numerous companies have already started courageously to head for a new direction and change the way of working and the corresponding company...

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Come, let us play!

Playing as a key factor for agility in companies Observing small children, kittens or puppies we can see that free playing is a way that highly developed creatures discover the world for themselves and learn how to interact with their environment without pressure....

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Organizations In Transition

Concepts And Expectations Block Creativity A movement that gains worldwide more and more speed is called „New Work“, a new way of working. Many companies have realized that a shift in the way of working is urgently necessary, because the known procedures based on...

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Time for Deceleration

A Shift To Being With Living and working in modern society increasingly seems to amount to insanity. Never before did modern economy face that many sick days of employees caused by stress or burnout. A big impact has in that case modern communication, which has by now...

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Empowerment versus Judgment

A New Kind Of Appraisal Interview A recurrent topic in companies, which causes tension between employees and bosses is the appraisal interview or performance review meeting. You might know these kinds of conversations. In most of the companies this conversation is set...

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The problem with the works council

When Robin Hood becomes an enemy of evolution As a free business consultant for companies, I experience again and again that the works council often is an insurmountable obstacle concerning the implementation of development measures. A fact that makes me doubt the...

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The Top Down Approach Is Outdated

The (R)Evolution starts with YOU! A question that bothers many people working in companies is this: How can I as an individual effectuate change from my current position? This is a really relevant question, which becomes more and more urgent these days, especially...

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Aliveness is not allowed!

We live and work in a suicidal system where aliveness is considered as the main enemy of productivity About 20 years ago leaving college, I was eager to start my first job in the industry. I was full of anticipation and enthusiasm, totally inspired by the thought of...

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